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Instagram: joreigeluth

My current work earnestly and humorously reflects on the emotional and physical facets of our existence, unraveling its twisted ironies and confronting the inescapable specter of mortality. I combine various printmaking techniques, both traditional and unconventional, with drawing methods to create print and mixed media hybrids. My work draws inspiration from personal encounters and everyday life. It is fueled by my passion for drawing and the process-driven pursuit of content. The images and objects emerge from a fascination with the often ‘unmentionable’ yet universally present aspects of human nature, aiming to cast light on the unspoken inner dialogues that continuously occupy our thoughts. Through a wry and satirical lens, my work delves into the everyday tribulations of the human experience—our worries, embarrassments, disappointments, and inevitable burnouts.

Although born in the late 80s, my work draws inspiration from the 1920s to 1970s, particularly cartoons from Fleischer Studios, the visceral drawings of Basil Wolverton, Chicago Imagists, Funk artists, and blues/jazz artists like Lil’ Johnson and Cats and the Fiddle. These influences are integral to my work, described as reminiscent of the mid-century ‘atomic and plastics age’ (Michaela Mullin, Moberg Gallery).”

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